PLC / Controller

AIEglobal has seen many makes and models of PC’s and PLC’s come and go over our 25 plus year history. At one point we even manufactured the RTI 1000 Programmable Controller which we had succeeded in supplying to companies like BHP and James Hardie. There are a number of criteria necessary for a controller to be able to implement modern control systems, and for us the Beckhoff range of embedded programmable controllers meets them all.

Programmable Controller criteria –

CX2020 is example of a high performance processor with HMI support included.


Whilst at the lower end the CX9020 still provides ample real time performance.


Ethercat I/O

Small distributed I/O banks and IP67 field modules considerably reduce the amount of field wiring required, with the IP67 modules pluggable directly into the field devices.
For more details – Ethecat IO

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