With the number of EVs on the rise so will the required number of installations of Charge Points (CPs) also need to increase. A logical location for the installation of CPs will be in office carparks, and apartment buildings. A significant issue with regard to installing CPs at these sites is the available power capacity of the existing electrical infrastructure, most will not have sufficient capacity to supply all CPs charging at full load. There are only two solutions – increase the supply capacity which will be costly and may not even be possible or install a CMS to manage the power usage of the CPs. AIEglobal has developed a CMS specifically tailored to maintain CP power usage within the limits of the available supply.

With constantly increasing energy costs creating the need to reduce energy consumption, the benefits of building automation and off grid power generation has never been greater. Given that 41% of the world’s primary energy is consumed by buildings it makes obvious sense to reduce your energy consumption through better building automation. When using the electric motor as a power consumption index it is then estimated that 50% of the world’s primary electrical energy is consumed by them, given that a large proportion of most buildings energy consumption is HVAC which is driven by the electric motor, this figure makes sense.

Download our whitepaper “Reduce Power Consumption” for a more detailed discussion on drive train energy efficiencies.


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