The Webstudio Scada/HMI package from Indusoft is able to interface to any field device for process monitoring, alarming and trending. Don’t be limited by proprietary brands of Scada or HMI that have limited or no ability to communicate with other equipment.

The following points high light the benefits of Indusoft Webstudio Scada or HMI systems provided by AIEglobal.

  • Present instant plant and process data to your operators where it is needed to streamline operations.
  • Use Alarms and Events for quick fault diagnosis.
  • Use the graphical trending feature to monitor operational efficiencies.
  • Over 200 communication drivers as standard for connecting to field devices including all brands of PLCs, VSDs.
  • Remote monitoring and control from your Ipad or mobile phone.
  • 24/7 AIEglobal support via remote desktop, including software changes.
  • SQL data base support for QC and HCAPP/ISO records.
  • Indusoft Webstudio is a product built on Web Technologies and is constantly evolving with new innovative solutions, and is also part of the Wonderware product group from Schneider.
  • Andon Template Add-on from Lean Manufacturing streamlines responses to abnormal conditions that can cause expensive downtime, product waste, and inefficiency.