Building Management System (BMS)

In Australia today 20% of our total energy is consumed within buildings, with commercial buildings accounting for about 10 per cent of our total greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 85% of the energy is used for heating or cooling of rooms, and 15% for lighting. Depending upon the level of building automation installed savings of between 10% to 60% could be realized, with amortisation occuring in 2 to 10 years.

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) energy efficiency star rating of 1 to 6 provides a quantitive rating for comparison of commercial buildings, with each star representing a 15% improvement in energy efficiency. The Commercial Building Disclosure program used in conjunction with NABERS, was established to harness energy efficiency opportunities in the buildings sector, an important step in achieving Australia’s energy efficiency and emissions reduction goals.


Building Management System (BMS)

The principal benefits of a building management system should be-

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The SCADA system collects the data from field devices including PLC’s, Control Relays, Networked devices etc, and stores the data in the tag database. Information in the database is then used by the various programmed scheduling and control functions to control the plant and present data to any user via a set of HMI’s.

The benefits of the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI system for building management are-




The PLC provides the signal interface and data collection system for the SCADA. As the networked I/O system is by nature a distributed system, small racks of I/O may be installed close to the field devices and then networked back to one main processor. This type of topology provides maximum install flexibility, minimises field wiring, and is easily expandable.

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