Listed below are the design aspects that we consider fundamental when designing a quality power distribution system.




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Power Audit

Many power installations have grown in an ad hoc manner as a business grows, this can lead to a system operating above its safe design limit. Today’s predominant use of VSD drives and switch mode power devices generate harmonic currents that can also contribute to some unique problems not encountered in the past. This is especially true for instance if a VSD is generating back into the mains during deceleration. As sub distribution boards reach their maximum capacity adding just a small extra load can become an expensive exercise.

To assist industry overcome these issues we offer “Power Audits” that detail system limitations and provide options for corrective action that may often not require excessive modifications.


AIE Cable Size Calculator

When your electrical project has more than twenty or so cables to size it quickly becomes tedious to process each cable one at a time. To make life easier we developed a spread sheet version that calculates all your project cable sizes in one go. Please feel free to go to our download page and grab a copy for your own use.

AIE Cable Calc – download for free.

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