What is Process Batching?

Process Batching can be described as an automated process that combines a number of measured ingredients based on a predefined recipe into a single product or batch. The cycle is repeated to produce multiple batches. Normally the measured (weighed) ingredients are combined in a mixer where additional ingredients may be added, and the mixture processed further to complete the final product.

From an “Operators” perspective a Batching process has two main HMI data entry requirements – a recipe and a production schedule.


What is Batching Recipe?

The recipes are entered by the plant operator and when run by the Scheduler cause the process to combine specific ingredients in a sequential order. Each recipe is given a name and the operator is free to develop as many recipes as required to meet production requirements.


What is a Production Scheduler?

The Scheduler is part of the XLplc library and its function is to process the production schedule entered by the plant operator. Each line in the production schedule will process a quantity of batches to a specific recipe. When “Batches Done” is equal to “Batches”, the Scheduler will move to the next “waiting” recipe in the list.


How can XLplc help??

XLplc is a configurable PLC eXtension Library software module developed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, and also reduce the cost and simplify the implementation of batch and blending based automation systems. The PLC programmer uses the XLplc library to write the application program to match the plant topology. i.e. storage vessels, scales, mixers, accumulators and paths.

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