BatchFlex is a configurable PLC Batching library software module developed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, and also reduce the cost and simplify the implementation of batch based automation systems. XLplc was developed using the OOP extensions to IEC61131 and provides a suite of Function Blocks (FB’s) that are utilized to quickly automate batch based processes. The PLC programmer uses the FB’s to write the application program to match the plant topology. i.e. storage vessels, scales, mixers, accumulators and paths.

How will it reduce my costs?

It is simply not feasible to develop a specific Scada/HMI/PLC batching system for an individual plant and get remotely close to the functionality offered by BatchFlex. Substantial cost savings will be achieved during the initial application development, commissioning, and future support and maintenance.

What Technologies are used?

BatchFlex runs on a PLC using OOP enhanced IEC61131-3, with data base services provided by an SQL Server, and HMI client services provided by OPCuA. The use of these International Standards as the foundation for BatchFlex will ensure its reliability and product longevity.

Can I use BatchFlex for Quality Control?

Every batch of product produced by BatchFlex is allocated a unique ID and saved along with detailed batch specific information in the database. The exportation of this Big Data can in turn be saved off to XML files for production analysis and reporting.

Do I need a powerful Scada or HMI system?

BatchFlex is able to be run with a simple low cost HMI interface. The HMI API built into the BatchFlex library makes it easy to use any Scada or HMI system.

Is it Scalable?

BatchFlex is suitable for use from the smallest to the largest automated batching system. Simply scale the PLC processor to meet the demand.

What about future developments?

As BatchFlex is a standard product, design enhancements will be constant as customers’ expectations grow, and technology improvements can be utilized.

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