All businesses benefit by improving the level of service to their own business or to their customers. One way of achieving this is by leveraging the inherent abilities of mobile devices and the internet. It is now a relatively simple task to install a monitoring device on a remote process or machine with published web pages that can be viewed via the internet from any browser enabled mobile device.

Do you wish to remotely monitor your processes or automated machinery?

Shown below on an IPAD is a functional menu list for a remote machine or process. The user connects to the Web Server responsible for publishing the information using its URL. i.e. https://myprocessURL/MA/


Alarm – display current alarms and acknowledge if required.

Process Values – display current process variables and allow data entry.

Trend – View changing variables for process monitoring and fault analysis.

Screens – Graphic plant overview showing process state.



Can process data be remotely entered and transferred to the Cloud?

Using the “Process Values” menu provides tables of data values that can be viewed and if required edited before being written back to the Web Server. The Web Server could then push selected data to an SQL data base residing on the iCloud. The iCloud data would also be visible to the corporate level for production monitoring and reports.

How is the process monitored?

Using the “Screens” graphics and “Trend” data provides a detailed view of the process thus enabling remote monitoring and where necessary remote assistance to maximize production.


Would some control of a remote machine improve your service capabilities?

As well as monitoring a machine or process via your mobile device it may be useful to be able to control specific test functions for diagnostic purposes. This would enable a more targeted service response, and may enable you to provide immediate assistance.

What type of equipment can be remotely monitored?

All modern control equipment used today provides network interfaces for reading and writing data. Connections from the control equipment to the Web Server are utilized to provide remote web access. Whilst there are many different communication types and protocols we have yet to find one that cannot be used.

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