Industry 4.0 is a methodology developed in Germany to improve their manufacturing competitiveness as product lot sizes decrease and product variation increases due to customization. Just as importantly for AIEglobal are the open architecture IEC and OPC International Standards facilitating multi vendor product integration that will form the glue to piece together Industry 4.0 concepts.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for Industry 4.0 and implementations will differ depending on the manufacturer, however for Australian manufacturers the benefits cannot be ignored.

  • Reduced operational costs – more data for tracking costs and reducing waste
  • Lower maintenance costs – predictive maintenance using intelligent data algorithms
  • Improved decision making – better communication from suppliers to manufacturers to end customers
  • Continuous Improvement – Big Data and Analytics used to optimize processes
  • Higher customer satisfaction – tailored product customization to suit specific needs


We offer Process Control and Automation Systems built using products which have been specifically developed to promote innovation, are compliant with International Standards, and meet Industry 4.0 and IOT requirements.

  • Beckhoff PLCs with the Ethercat fieldbus
  • Wonderware Scada/HMI
  • Cognex Machine Vision
  • XLplc Industry 4.0 PLC eXtension Library for ingredient processing
  • Kuka Robots  from small collaborative to very large
  • UR Robots collaborative robots for loads up to 10kg


We also offer the following Engineering expertise and CAD tools.

  • CableCalc View the example on Google sheets for plant wide Cable size calculations.
  • CMSETUV Certified Machinery Safety Expert for preparation of Safety Risk Assessments.


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